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Moving a window between screens

Another great live hack. If you normally work on two screens, and you need to work remotely on one, and you don’t see any window open, it’s probably open on the other screen. To move the window to your screen, press Winkey+Shift+left/right arrow.

And one more thing: if you press Winkey+arrow left/right/up/down, you can manipulate the active window.

Windows 10 virtual desktops

It was something new to me when I realized that windows 10 has virtual desktops. Here are some shortcuts to enable and use them:

Windows key + CTRL + D Add a virtual desktop
Windows key + CTRL + Arrow right Switch to the virtual desktop on the right
Windows key + CTRL + Arrow left Switch to the virtual desktop on the left
Windows key + CTRL + F4 Close the current virtual desktop

The system doesn’t recognise the monitor

If you have problem wiIf you have a problem with your monitor, one day everything looks normal, the next day the screen resolution is 800×600 and the device manager defines your monitor as a “Standard PnP monitor”, this means you probably have a problem with the cable connecting the GPU to the monitor.