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On one of the channels that I subscribed on YouTube is currently running a productivity week. That means they have special prices on their books, courses and webinars and run online webinars. But my point is:

A lecturer in this film said that sleep is one of the most important things. The body regenerates, which everyone knows, but I didn’t know that in addition to mental rest ant the work the brain does, it also regenerates physically thanks to melatonin, and now my thoughts on the subject:

Assuming that indeed the circadian rhythm makes any difference then most likely due to too little sleep and the sleep debt I have incurred, my body is much older that it should be. And what’s worse, my wife slowly finishes me off every day because her alarm clock wakes me up much earlier that I should get up, the sleep debt increase, and thus I get even older 😉

The solution to this problem will be either turning off my wife’s alarm clock in her phone and turning it on in her watch or giving up evening activities in favour of getting up e.g. at 5 o’clock which is before my wife’s alarm clock.

Technical stuff

When I’m not working on technical issues, I can’t publish things like that. So I decided to submit notes about other case.