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Magic Mirror on Raspberry Pi 3B+



To have such an information monitor, you need to have some unnecessary things, like a monitor and a raspberry, and buy a monitor holder and an hdmi-dvi adapter. I had nothing, so I bought parts. For the monitor I went to a computer store and asked about an old monitor, they gave me a 17″ for free.




Steps in few words:

  1. Install Raspberry Pi OS with desktop
  2. Install MagicMirror
  3. Install modules:
    • MMM-homeassistant-sensors – sensors from Home Assistant (temp, pressure, humidity, pm2.5, etc.)
    • MMM-Spotify – shows some music playing on Spotify
    • MMM-Wallpaper – based on reddit or bing wallpaper changer
    • MMM-GooglePhotos – shows your albums
    • MMM-HTMLBox – shows weather from
    • MMM-SystemStats – shows rpi stats
  4. Autostart MagicMirror

If you don’t have money for a big memory card or you use a recycled one, you have to watch the memory so that MagicMirror logs don’t eat all the memory. I solved this by installing logrorate.

with this settings:

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